The Process

From the initial enquiry we engage with the client discussing ideas and requirements toallow us to work through and develop a final design for approval.

The work is then created in the forge by manipulating and forging the hot steel to reflect the drawing. On completion we supervise the installation of all our work, thus allowing us to maintain a high quality of workmanship throughout the entire process.

Our aim, is create for you, a distinctive piece of work that will bring many years of joy.

How To Commission Us

Commissioning our metalwork is an interactive and enlightening experience between the design team, the artist blacksmiths and you, the client, a process that, we at Ratho Byres Forge, enjoy and encourage.

Experienced in designing and forging bespoke artistic metalwork to suit a wide range of requirements from private homes to large scale public art, we have the capacity to take each project from your initial conceptual idea through to final installation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your thoughts and ideas further.