Public Buildings & Spaces

Properties and the built environment can be enhanced by artistic metalwork incorporated into the planning process at an early stage, forming an integral part of a scheme.

Commission Ratho Byres Forge to design and create for you an innovative, forged
feature enabling you to make a statement and, providing the public with artworks to engage the mind and feed the soul and interact with as they walk by with a smile.

With over 30 years designing and creating award winning metalwork, we are well placed to take your project from initial conceptual idea to final installation. We are experienced in communicating directly with clients, architects, engineers, landscape designers and construction teams, creating a good working dialogue is central to ensure the smooth running of each commission.

We will create design ideas for approval prior to developing scaled drawings for final agreement and planning if required. We can also prepare structural drawings for calculations by an engineer if necessary.

On receipt of your order, our skilled team of artist blacksmiths will produce the work on site at Ratho Byres Forge under the guidance of Master Blacksmith Pete Hill and then arrange for the completed work to be installed.

Installation is undertaken by our team, we design our work in such a way that installation is straight forward with no alterations required to be made on site, thus ensuring the same high level of attention to detail seen at the design and the production stages.

Our Portfolio

The progressive approach developed at Ratho Byres Forge combines metal working techniques from ancient times, contemporary design and the innovative use of modern technology.  All these factors give the forged metalwork a recognisable style and a reputation for quality which is second to none in Scotland.