Homes & Gardens

Allow us to work with you to develop your ideas and aspirations for your home or garden to design and create a unique piece of forged contemporary metalwork that will bring you and your family many years of enjoyment.

Well designed balustrade, balconies, stairs, weathervanes, lighting, window boxes, door knockers and house names to complement the house exterior, while unique and appropriate tables, chairs, stools, lamps or fire guards will enhance the home interior.

Arbours and archways, handrails and seating, sculpture, water features and fire pits can all be individually created to sit well within the landscaping and planting of any garden, large or small.

There really are no limits, our creative designs and our passion for innovative forging ensures that our metalwork has a contemporary style which is unique to Ratho Byres Forge. We pride ourselves in creating site specific work, which will sit well within your home or garden and is exclusively for you.

Appropriately designed and skilfully crafted work always has soul which people recognise and appreciate. This is all that we ask of our work, that it touches the passer by in an uplifting way and brings joy each day.

Our Portfolio

The progressive approach developed at Ratho Byres Forge combines metal working techniques from ancient times, contemporary design and the innovative use of modern technology.  All these factors give the forged metalwork a recognisable style and a reputation for quality which is second to none in Scotland.