Gates and entranceways are statements; they mark an entry, welcome you in or request you to wait. Each gateway is designed specifically for the needs of the client and the location ensuring that each gateway is unique. This may be an archway revealing a path within your garden, a large set of entrance gates marking the approach to a driveway or a sculptural piece indicating access to a public space.

There really is no limit to what a gateway could be or how it can be interacted with. We may develop innovative ways of hanging a gate, or even question whether a gate is the best solution for a particular location, perhaps suggesting that an archway or sculptural column could mark the space in a more appropriate manner.

Our designs tend to be contemporary, we enjoy playing with pattern, flowing lines, symmetry, asymmetry, abstract ideas and quirky details as we develop a design specifically to fulfil your requirements.

Gateways are interactive, our aim is to create a piece of work that highlights your entranceway in a positive uplifting way, not as a barrier but as a piece of contemporary forged metalwork enhancing the space and your requirements for a gateway.

Our Portfolio

The progressive approach developed at Ratho Byres Forge combines metal working techniques from ancient times, contemporary design and the innovative use of modern technology.  All these factors give the forged metalwork a recognisable style and a reputation for quality which is second to none in Scotland.