About P Johnson & Company

Established in 1974 by founder, Phil Johnson, a smith with a strong interest in
contemporary design and metalwork, P. Johnson & Company is a family partnership based at Ratho Byres Forge, near Edinburgh. The firms reputation has grown over the years and is known by many simply as Ratho Byres Forge.

The forge is currently managed by Shona Johnson and Pete Hill, with a team of talented smiths, they design, create and install a wide range of bespoke artistic metalwork both functional and sculptural which can be discovered in many homes and public spaces in towns and cities throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.

The progressive approach developed at Ratho Byres Forge combines metal working techniques from ancient times alongside contemporary design and the innovative use of modern technology. This gives the work a recognisable style with a focus on asymmetry, flowing lines, moving the volume of the material and textural forging.

Both the artistic metalwork and the artist blacksmiths have won many prestigious awards, notably, Civic Trust Awards, Saltire Society Awards, Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths Awards and Balvenie Awards.

We also offer midweek and weekend Blacksmithing Courses – suitable for both the absolute beginner and those with previous experience.

How To Commission Us

Commissioning our metalwork is an interactive and enlightening experience between the design team, the artist blacksmiths and you, the client, a process that, we at Ratho Byres Forge, enjoy and encourage.

Experienced in designing and forging bespoke artistic metalwork to suit a wide range of requirements from private homes to large scale public art, we have the capacity to take each project from your initial conceptual idea through to final installation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your thoughts and ideas further.